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We take the time to understand your IRS problem, your goals and identify your target solution. We will create a unique strategy to end your IRS debt. Working with our company also provides you with the following:

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  • Industry Knowledge

  • Strategic Approach

  • Cost Benefit

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Our streamlined processes make gathering preliminary, personal & financial data a breeze. We utilize an easy to use, 'fill in the box' format that will guide you through the data collection process.

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​We are a full service tax firm that serves as a strategic partner between taxpayers and the IRS. We work with clients in need of collaborative help resolving IRS tax disputes.

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  • The IRS partnered with private debt collection agencies according to IRS.gov

  • These private collection agencies will work on accounts where taxpayers owe money. Several factors contribute to the IRS assigning these accounts to private collection agencies, including older, overdue tax accounts or lack of resources preventing the IRS from working the cases.

  • With the IRS adding to their team of debt collectors, they plan on being more aggressive than ever. Since the program will grant authority to private collection companies to collect federal income tax, there have been some concerns raised about the collection techniques to be utilized by these agencies, efficiency of communication between agencies as well as the privacy of taxpayer information.

  • It is crucial to resolve your tax debt issues before the IRS and its new collection agencies begin targeting you and attempting to take your wages, freeze your bank account, and/or put a lien on your property.

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I would just like to say the experience I’ve had was totally outstanding, above and beyond anything that I expected. Their staff of people are truly concerned about any and all of your tax issues. Excellent customer service. You have access to them pretty much 24-hours a day. They are very adamant about getting back to you within a short period of time. I am  completely satisfied with the work that they did and the outcome I received due to their hard work. If anybody has any tax issues or concerns, I would recommend them to you.

"I want to say "Thank You!" I was absolutely surprised by what they were able to settle my IRS debt for. I was getting very threatening letters from the IRS, threatening to impose liens and such, so I knew I was in trouble and had to do something. I was very happy with the knowledgeable staff who always had the information I needed. Whenever I called, I was able to talk directly to someone who had the answers I was looking for.


— John H, Client

The client did not report the exercise of stock options on his tax return.  The client’s brokerage company reported the gain to the IRS and the IRS sent the client a notice that would increase his taxable income by nearly $100,000.  The IRS did not account for the client’s basis in the stock options.  Once this was accounted for, the client was actually due a refund.  We assisted the client in obtaining the refund.  In addition, this same issue and situation had occurred in the prior year.  The client simply paid the additional tax for the prior year.  We filed a refund claim for the prior to recoup the additional tax paid plus the amount overpaid on the originally filed tax return.

The client had invested in a an existing business.  It was a side project for the client.  The business lost money for several years.  The client reported the losses on his tax returns.  The IRS audited the business and then the client's individual income tax returns.  It concluded that the losses were not allowable as the client did not materially participate in the business.  We prepared a material participation study and submitted an audit reconsideration request asking that the IRS consider the study as new evidence that was not previously considered.  The IRS re-opened the audit and then closed the audit by reversing its prior audit adjustment.  

The client was a highly successful salesman.  He got behind on his taxes when his income dipped slightly.  While he had a high income and significant assets, he also had to pay a significant amount in child support and alimony payments each month.  The client’s tax debts were on currently not collectible status.  The client called us because he needed to remove the IRS lien, as it was preventing him from obtaining contracts to sell additional products from other insurance companies.  We submitted a lien withdrawal request and were able to help the client have the lien lifted.  

The client had a self-directed IRA distributed to him due to an error made by the IRA custodian.  The client’s prior two tax advisers had told him to pay the tax.  They were able to secure an installment agreement from the IRS.  The client contacted us to see if there was some way to reduce the monthly payments.  We filed a request for the IRS to waive the 60 day rollover period as part of an audit reconsideration request to allow the client to rollover the distribution to a new IRA custodian and to eliminate the tax debt in its entirety.

The client had owned a restaurant that had since failed and was closed.  The restaurant did not pay its payroll taxes for several quarters.  The IRS assessed a trust fund recovery penalty for the owner and put the restaurant business on currently not collectible status.  The client had almost paid off the trust fund recovery penalty balances.  The IRS was applying various payments the client was receiving to the business’ tax liability.  We helped the taxpayer submit an offer in compromise which allowed the taxpayer to settle the tax debt for $500.

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