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We help taxpayers in Eagle Pass, Texas with IRS tax troubles, including IRS offers in compromise, installment agreements, and penalties.

The chances of being audited by the IRS are not high. This is particularly true for taxpayers in Eagle Pass, Texas. The IRS audit rate has been at all time low. This is of little consolation for those taxpayers who are actually audited. The IRS has been .

Instead of focusing on volume, the IRS has centralized its work. This has resulted in the IRS trying to conduct audits via correspondence. This often results in an increase in audits that result in significant tax adjustments. This typically results in taxpayers owing more tax than the law provides for. It also results in the assessment of tax penalties, which may not have been assessed had the IRS met with and gained a better understanding of the taxpayer and their positions.

The IRS has also are behind in their tax filing and payment obligations. Unlike IRS audits, the chance of being contacted by the IRS for taxes and penalties that are not paid has increased. This is even true for taxpayers in Eagle Pass.

At the same time, the IRS has revamped its collections programs in light of recent economic difficulties. These changes have made it easier to resolve some unpaid tax debts.

This makes it an ideal time to try to resolve unpaid tax liabilities. This is true even if the taxpayer was not successful in working with the IRS to resolve their debts in the past.

We can help with this. We help taxpayers, including taxpayers in Eagle Pass, with IRS audits and unpaid tax debts. Please contact us immediately If you are in Eagle Pass and are under audit by the IRS or have an unpaid tax debt.