Get Started

Three Easy Steps

Our tax professionals begin by understanding your goals and objectives. We then develop a strategy to help achieve your desired outcome.

Step 1: Call or drop by for a free consultation.

Start with a free phone or office consultation. We will work with you to understand your specific circumstances and to prepare the best possible solution to resolve your IRS problems. We will also get copies of and review your IRS and/or state records.

Step 2: Stop IRS collections.

Stopping any immediate enforced collection actions where possible. We will contact the IRS and/or states to attempt to negotiate a stop to their collection actions pending a more permanent resolution. This will also include sending a Power of Attorney form to the IRS and/or state to let them know that future communications should be directed to us (with copies of any correspondence send to you and to us). We will also continue to work with you to gather information needed to resolve your tax problems

Step 3: Review and action on findings and recommendations.

Discuss our findings and recommendations. We will consult with you to deliver our findings and recommendations. Then, if you agree and within the guidelines you provide for us, we will submit the necessary paperwork and/or begin the negotiation process on your behalf and pursue any follow ups that may be available or necessary to help you obtain the desired tax resolution.

You say goodbye to tax worries and hello to greater financial freedom

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