Solutions for Tax Problems

When it comes to owing back taxes, there are a number of possible solutions. Here are a few of the possibilities:

Our Process

Immediate Action

When you become a client, we will send the IRS a power of attorney form to tell the IRS that it should start communicating with us about your tax problems. Once processed by the IRS, this relieves the burden of dealing with the IRS from your shoulders. We will deal with your IRS problems for you. If the IRS has taken enforcement action against you, such as a levy or wage garnishment, we will request forbearance and work with the IRS to attempt to obtain a temporary remedy while we push for a more permanent remedy.

Finding Your Tax Remedy

Resolving your IRS debt is a team effort – your job will be to provide any supporting documents that may be needed (such as pay stubs, bank statements, etc.). We will supply you with a detailed list of required documentation for your matter, prepare and file back taxes (where applicable), and prepare the detailed tax resolution documents for submission to the IRS (the faster that you are able to coordinate your information, the quicker that we can work to resolve your tax problem!)


Our tax attorneys and pros will make certain that everything is in order for any submissions to the IRS. The goal is to maximize the probability that your offer in compromise, installment agreement, or alternative tax relief solution is accepted to save you the most money possible.

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