Self Employed IRS Tax


We represent self-employed taxpayers with IRS problems, such as unpaid IRS debts, late and unfiled tax forms, IRS and state audits, and IRS penalties.

The self-employed face unique tax challenges. Self-employed taxpayers typically have a lot going on. They are typically responsible for all or nearly all of the business’ operations and administration. Something has to give somewhere, and it is usually the IRS tax filings and tax payments. Thus, the self-employed are more likely to have unfiled or late tax returns and unpaid taxes than those who are employees.

This overloaded schedule also results in inaction when it comes to resolving outstanding tax indebtedness.  Thus, self-employed taxpayers are also more likely to have tax debts from older tax periods. These tax debts accrue significant penalties and interest charges.

The self-employees are also afforded several business tax breaks, which adds a layer of complexity.  Unfortunately, many self-employed fail to take advantage of these tax breaks.  So the tax breaks just further the tax problems, rather than add significant tax savings.

From a tax standpoint, right or wrong, the self-employed are defined by missing or late filed tax forms, outstanding tax debts, and IRS and state tax audits.  There are a number of court cases and administrative rulings that are evidence of this.  If you are self-employed we can help you avoid or manage these issues.

We help self-employed business owners with missing and late filed tax forms, outstanding tax debts, and government tax audits.  We would like to hear from you if you are self-employed and have one of these issues or are likely to have one of these issues in the future.

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