Military Personnel IRS Tax

U.S. Military Personnel and Veterans

We help U.S. military personnel and veterans with IRS problems, such as tax debts, unfiled tax returns, IRS and state audits, and IRS penalties.

The U.S. military personnel and veterans face face unique tax challenges.  For the active military and those receiving checks from the Federal government, tax debts are problematic.  The government will generally setoff the tax debt against current and future payments that accrue to the taxpayer under the Treasury Offset Program.  Taxpayers must act quickly to recoup funds that are offset under this program.

Unfiled tax returns can also be problematic for the military and veterans.  Unfiled tax returns can impact the ability to obtain or maintain security clearances and certain Federal jobs.  

There are also a number of favorable tax provisions for military personnel and veterans, which makes complying with the laws more difficult.  These complexities often trip up unsuspecting military personnel and veterans–resulting in IRS tax problems.  There are a number of court cases and administrative rulings that are evidence of this.  If you are in the military or a veteran, we can help you avoid or manage these issues.

We help military personnel and veterans with missing or late filed tax forms, outstanding tax debts, and IRS and state tax audits.  We would like to hear from you if you are in the military or a veteran and have one of these issues or are likely to have one of these issues in the future.

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