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Housewives and stay-at-home spouses

We represent housewives and stay-at-home spouses with IRS problems, such as tax debts, missing tax forms, IRS and state audits, and tax penalties.

Housewives and others who do not work outside of the home face unique tax challenges.  Families whose stay-at-home spouse is responsible for the tax return filing are likely to have outstanding tax indebtedness.  

Stay-at-home spouses have a lot going on.  Their schedules and to-do lists are often jam packed.  This is especially true for those with young children.  This can keep them from taking care of their personal finances appropriately, which includes planning to minimize tax liabilities and timely filing tax forms.  This overloaded schedule may even result in inaction when it comes to resolving outstanding tax indebtedness.  

In other families, the breadwinner is responsible for preparing the annual tax filings.  This presents other challenges.  This often means that the housewife or stay-at-home spouse is left out of the tax planning and tax return filing process.  In the event that additional taxes are owed, the law generally affords housewives relief in these cases.  This often comes up after the spouses are separated or divorced.  

From a tax standpoint, right or wrong, families with spouses that do not work outside of the home are defined by missing or late filed tax forms, outstanding tax debts, and IRS and state tax audits.  There are a number of court cases and administrative rulings that are evidence of this.  If you are a housewife or stay-at-home spouse, we can help you avoid or manage these issues.

We help housewives and others who do not work outside of the home with missing or late filed tax forms, outstanding tax debts, and government tax audits.  We would like to hear from you if you are a housewife and have one of these issues or are likely to have one of these issues in the future.

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